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Consultant Endoscopic Spine Surgeon

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Conventional Spine Surgery is in Practice since 1934, for the disk Prolapse which is the major cause for back pain. Conventional Spine Surgery involves in cutting and removal of important structures such as bone and ligament which give support to the Spinal Column. Though this Spine Surgery relieves pain immediately long standing results are not uniformly good. Especially with unstable spine. This resulted in failed spine surgery or relapse of back pain.

Dr Surendra Shetty is well versed with Percutaneous Endoscopic Lumbar Laser Discectomy. Holmium yag Laser is used for laser Discectomy.

The Quest for better innovation in surgical technique resulted in development of minimal invasive spine Surgeries mainly Microscopic Spine Surgeries.

Microscopic Spine Surgery involves minimal cutting of Soft tissues and bone. The medical researchers went ahead further in designing Percutaneous Endoscopic Spine Surgery, which is free from cutting any bone or Soft tissue. This is invogue since 2000.

Percutaneous Endoscopic Spine Surgery:
  • Can be done under local Anesthesia, which enable the patient to be conscious and interact with the Spine Surgeon, Doctors and Specialists.
  • Operation involves very small incision ( 7 mm)
  • Can be done in patient who are physically unfit for general Anesthesia.

Bangalore Spine Care, Continuously Bringing in Innovative Solutions

Bangalore Spine Care offers total care to patients with Lower Back Pain, Neck Pain, Arms Pain and Leg Pain (Sciatica). Bangalore Spine Care, emphases in on diagnosing the root cause of pain rather than sympatamatic treatment.

Spine Hospital in Bangalore has a holistic approach for the patient with back pain, the treatment involves, Allopathy, Naturopathy, Physiotheraphy and Electrotheraphy, respective consultants of all the system of medicine will be considered in treating complicated cases.

At Spine Hospital in Bangalore, we believe in diagnose first and treatment next. Surgery is last choice for the treatment of Lower Back pain, Upper Back Pain, Back Pain and Neck pain.

Treatment at Spine Care is affordable, even a common man can afford.

Endoscopic and Microscopic Surgery cut shorts the hospital stay.

Many of the procedures can be done on day care basis means come in the morning, get operated and get discharged by same evening.

Spine Care Bangalore believes that surgery is not the first but the last weapon in treating spine related problems.

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